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New here!


i just joined, and I'm excited to find something like this! :D

For awhile I felt a pull towards Egyptian Mythology, and was approached by a Goddess who I'm trying to form a relationship with but really don't know how. I was researching Kemetic Reconstructionism, but didn't like the idea of basically worshipping in the same way the Ancient Egyptians did, nor was I entirely interested in the rigid manner of contemporary Wicca. So when I discovered a nice blend of the two, I was really excited!

Basically I'm just looking for any advice on how to get started. I'm interested more in the religious aspect of Paganism, so I don't really want to cast circles or create spells. I want to get closer to Selket, the Goddess who approached me, but feel really impatient, and confused over the whole ordeal. I don't know if I'm doing it "right" or how I will know if Selket will ever approach me in a vision or anything like that.

Any books would also be of great help to me!

Thank you.
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