weesieweasel (weesieweasel) wrote in egyptianwicca,

Newbie here

Well, where do I begin? I've been fascinated by Egypt since I was a child. I used to fantisise about going to Egypt on an archaeological dig and finding some nomadic tribe that followed the old gods.

In my teens I got into wicca. To be honest I was more into what I guess you'd call the occult side than the religious side. I love Magick and all things connected to it. I just got a bit miffed at following the god and goddess when I didn't really connect with the lore behind the faith.

I'm currently signed up for the Kemetic Orthodox beginners class to expand my horizons. I love learning new things and meeting new people on the forum but still not sure whether I agree with them 100%. I still cling to my polytheistic beliefs. I also keep swaying back to wicca. My current interest is in dragon magick.

To sum it up I'm 70% Kemetic 30% Wicca.....100% me! Please to meet you all

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